The MadCap Team

About Us

The purpose of MadCap Ventures is to allow niche education technologies from universities the opportunity to advance to market. 
The u-to-b (university to business) model is not new. It has been done thousands of times with thousands of products. However, 60 to 70 percent of university inventions and products never make it to market. Why? Because they are not multi-million dollar products. 
Most investors coming to the university want only big money products (drugs, technology, engineering) while many university products are smaller niche market products. Of the 60 to 70 percent that don’t get licensed, probably 10 to 15 percent are still solid products. This is our specialty—the smaller, market-viable product.

Our Vision

Our vision is to purposefully enable innovation through commercialization and marketing.
We Value:
      • Innovation and Creativity inside the workspace and out.
      • Working hard and learning from failure.
      • Fairness and honesty
      • Mindful conflict

Our Team


David is a university professor and an accomplished entrepreneur. He has held a variety of management and hiring manager positions at multiple industry-leading companies, including: Clyde Companies, GWAVA, and Longs Drugs. David has lead international organizations to growing success, including his role as Managing Director in Bangkok, Thailand. He has started a number of companies (successful and not so much) including Perpetual Technology Group (PTG), which was recently acquired. PTG licensed the WebCAPE assessment from BYU and is in over 650 universities worldwide. As a professor, David teaches the marketing capstone courses and loves to boast about the jobs his students get and the fact that he has hired many of them himself.

Noel Lopez

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Noel works closely with companies as he develops turn-key marketing and sales models that accelerate revenue and growth. He has produced millions in revenue for small businesses. He specializes in sales models, digital marketing and product management.  He is an expert in SEO and Paid/Organic Marketing. As a Sophomore in college he founded The Town & co. in his apartment, within 18 months he sold it to investors.

Jake Snelson

Senior Project Manager

Jake has worked with a number of small businesses, including the KVM Foundation, a non-profit organization with the goal of ending poverty in India. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Communication and has experience in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, and Account Coordinating. He is also part of the broadcast team for the Utah Jazz.